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  1. Charging, Range, and Battery Discussion
    I just passed 49k miles on my 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe. I drove about 1200 miles this past weekend. I noticed my battery will only charge to 98% now. Anyone else noticing battery degradation?
  2. Charging, Range, and Battery Discussion
    Got my 2022 Rubicon 4xe 2 weeks (500 miles) ago and looking at getting a level 2 charger and have a couple questions... 1. What level 2 charger is recommended? I've looked at the Charge Point and the Clipper Creek chargers, both look pretty good but looking for feedback. 2. Also, do most 4xe...
  3. 2021+ Jeep Wrangler 4xe General Discussion Forum
    People seem to be concerned about the lifespan of a 4xe battery and potential issues. What are people's thoughts on potential aftermarket batteries in the next few years, do you think we will see significantly improved range (i.e. 500km) as a battery replacement. Also if that's the case would...
  4. Charging, Range, and Battery Discussion
    Hi. I'm a new owner of a 4xe Rubicon; just took delivery yesterday. Based on the limited driving I've done so far, I'm a little confused by the mileage I'm getting in hybrid mode. I charged last night, so I started with a full charge this morning. Drove ~20 miles in hybrid mode and when I got...
  5. 2021+ Jeep Wrangler 4xe General Discussion Forum
    Hi all. New to the forum. Just took delivery of my factory ordered Sahara 4xe yesterday, and already two “issues” have arisen: #1 After fully charging overnight, started Jeep this morning, and no audio. Nada. Zero. Had to turn jeep and Bluetooth off and on several times, and then it finally...
1-5 of 5 Results