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  1. Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe General Discussion Forum
    Does anyone know the max mpg the JGC 4xe (either 2022 or 2023) gets when in hybrid mode only? Wrangler forum discusses M8 vs auto in hybrid mode, let’s just say whichever yields best mpg on long distance highway driving, and when also using max regen (or not) if that matters. Also, how far can...
  2. 2021+ Jeep Wrangler 4xe General Discussion Forum
    My Jeep Wrangler hybrid 2021 won't start. The Trouble code is : P167B-00 Controlled System Shutdown
  3. Charging, Range, and Battery Discussion
    Hi. I'm a new owner of a 4xe Rubicon; just took delivery yesterday. Based on the limited driving I've done so far, I'm a little confused by the mileage I'm getting in hybrid mode. I charged last night, so I started with a full charge this morning. Drove ~20 miles in hybrid mode and when I got...
1-3 of 3 Results