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  1. Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe General Discussion Forum
    Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere in the forum. I went to my dealer on April 9th, built my GC through the build and price tool with the salesman, he took the printed order summary to his manager who supposedly put it in the system. Then I paid a deposit and was told my vehicle was...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Went to my local Jeep dealer on Tuesday and ordered my Sahara 4Xe. Dealer didn't make any mention of being sold out and took my deposit and "placed" the order. Then my wife sends me an article that Jeep CEO announced that the model was sold out in late July. Can anyone shed some light into this??
  3. West and Southwest USA
    Has this happened to anyone? We went to a dealer and ordered a new Rubicon XE, negotiated $500 over invoice and put down $500 for the order. We were told it would take 8 weeks and have checked in regularly on process. One week before the vehicle is to be delivered the sales person called us...
1-3 of 3 Results