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It's a bit of a bummer the new PHEV product didn't received the newer uConnect 5, it didn't need the larger display (like the DDs now have an option for a 10.2" display), but at least the updated UI, faster processors, and even wireless CP/AA.

Someone indicated the Max Regen used to retain your selection through shutdowns, sounds like there's the potential for a software update to revise this (unless there's something compelling with it defaulting to off ...)

I'd like to see a launch mode, or a "Max Performance" mode, where it keeps the ICE running, has the battery on deck, even during a complete stop.
Move your shifter in to manual mode turns on ICE and keeps it on and is the ‘max performance’ mode you are looking for. I do this to warm up the engine on start or if I need instant throttle response to leap into or across traffic. Once I’m in traffic
I switch back over to ‘D’ and allow the vehicle to take over its regular drive mode. On electric only, I have been in a few situations where the vehicle has been sluggish to move from a stop or to jump into the traffic flow: possibly starting in second gear or taking a moment to downshift and/or start the ICE
- not quite sure, but it has put me in situations that are avoided when the ICE is running.
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