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To the Jeep/ Stellantis engineers,
You guys have done a terrific job with the new Wrangler 4xe... I love it! There are a lot of comments in forums such as this on the max regeneration, and especially with the default set to off when the car is started. Likewise the default on the type of drivetrain mode is defaulted on startup to "hybrid". I find myself loving these features BUT always looking and reaching for each of the buttons, on almost every trip. So, rather than reach for a button, here is my idea for an engineering change:
1) On the right have a steering column paddle shifter which would allow max regeneration be switched off and on with my hands on the steering wheel and hitting the paddle shifter. First click with the lever on, second click off.
2) On the left have a steering column paddle shifter which would allow the driver to switch drivetrain modes between hybrid, electric, or e-save with hitting the paddle shifter.
Paddles shifters are often used for transmission shifting in automatic transmissions, but I think these would be so much safer and especially the max regeneration having the ability to help slow the vehicle down when needed.
What do you think?
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