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Hey All,

1700 miles on our 4xe and no big issues to speak of yet, just curious about others experience with the noise level of the AC compressor, Several times now when remote starting or just plain starting on a hot day the ac compressor will ramp up with what sounds almost like a fan with something hitting the blades (think playing card on bicycle wheel territory) but so fast that it comes off as a buzzing sound. When ramping to max it clearly drowns out the radiator fan (like 2x-3x as loud). Most experience has been it ramping up without engine on so distinctly separate from engine noise. Is this normal? Will try to get a recording but actually hard with the background noise level of cicadas right now. Again no overheating issues of any sort but just worried when I hear a compressor making that type of noise. Have not really noticed that type of noise during operation leading me to suspect it may be tied to a call to condition the battery on start up.

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