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Hi guys,

Our 2021 Jeep Wrangler has paint issues on the rear fenders. Jeep approved to repaint, but the autobody shop refused - they said the plastic trim / mould does not come off of the fender so they risk ruining the plastic trim if they sand, forcing them to be liable for new fenders, and, if they paint over it'll look horrible.

Dealer for a week and a half did not contact Jeep Corporate, I called yesterday and was told by service manager "It's tire season, I haven't had time".

Called Jeep and was assigned a case but I just feel this is going to keep getting tossed around, when its pretty simple - they can't repaint, so they only have one other choice (replace). Why drag our feet for it? Vehicle was $65,000+ CAD when we bought it, and we haven't been able to enjoy it from all these issues.

So curious if anyone has tips for dealing with corporate, or a contact
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