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Curious if anyone has some advice. I've come to discover that the parking garage that I use for work doesn't allow me to charge the Jeep, either by the Level 1 Jeep charger or their Level 2 charger. They have two Level 2 Chargers in the garage, one always worked on the Jeep and the other always gave me an error and said Check External Charging Station. Well, go figure the charger that always worked has been swapped over to a Tesla charger and now I can't use it. I was talking to a woman charging her BMW on the other Level 2 charger and it was working fine for her, no issues. I tried my Jeep and it still didn't work.

So I figured the 2nd best option is I can just plug in my Mopar Level 1 charger and charge in the garage that way. But nope, it also throws me the Check External Charging Station error at any of the 3 plug locations on the various floors of the garage.

Both my Grizz Level 2 charger and my Mopar Level 1 charger work fine at home. But I have tried charging at public chargers that every so often tell me "Check External Charging Station" error.

Is this something I should bring to the dealer to check or is it just the Jeep acting normally/picky as designed? From reading other posts I can't tell if it's the entire parking garage not having proper grounding or if its a technical error with my Jeep's charging port

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