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Anyone having issues with their clock not keeping the correct time? My 4xe arrived yesterday in NC from a dealer in LA, and I noticed the time was still showing Central time (which was exactly an hour behind). I adjusted the settings and selected GPS time, and then it got really out of wack. Tried adjusting it manually, and the radio shut down and reset. When it booted up, it was several hours and minutes off. I reset the radio by holding down both buttons, now when I adjust the settings to sync w/ GPS it starts off a few minutes behind the correct time and then time stands still (it was 12:11 all day today). GPS shows correct location, so I'm confused.
Anyone else have this issue? I've searched other forums, with lots of results for the 8.4, but no solutions or resolutions.

Day 2 update: Each time I start the 4xe it's a different time (ex: left to go out for dinner at 6:30pm, but the time displayed was 11:17 for the duration of the trip). Several minutes into the trip the radio shuts down and reboots. When it comes back up, it's a different time. This happened three times on a 30 minute trip.

This sounds like the same issue they were having when this system was first released several years ago. Anyone else experiencing the same?
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