Hi, there. My Rivian arrived more than a year sooner than I expected, so I have a bunch of 4xe accessories to sell!

The big ones are the custom blue driver and passenger seatbelts. I bought two brand new seatbelts from Koons in Northern Virginia for way too much ($758.94), then had custom blue webbing installed by Safety Restore. I was going to install them this summer, but I never got the chance.

Again, these are brand new, never installed, from the factory. The color is Safety Restore's Royal Blue. I was just about to have the most unique 4xe on the planet, but now you can claim that distinction yourself.

I'll include the blue duck (which is much more difficult to get than it looks) and these LEDs that I was going to install under the dash and seats. If you'd like, I can send you YouTube videos for the installation of both items. (Both are straightforward.)

I also have a set of Molle bags for Rubicons which I'll throw in for another $100 ($600 total). Or the seatbelts, duck, and lights for just $500. (Note that you can sell your old seatbelts to people who want to do the same customization to recoup most of your costs.)

Here are the Molle bags:

Let me know if you have any questions.