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I went thru lemon law on my 2021 4xe. The first thing you need to do is contact Jeep cares which im sure you have a case going already. Talk to your case manager and formally request a buy back and also get an email and put in it in writing that you would like your vehicle repurchased. After getting the run around for about 2 weeks after mine was out of service for 58 days, I took matters into my own hands and emailed a couple higher ups at chrysler which Im happy to provide you with their contact info pending you dont get anywhere with your inside agent. Lets just say I sent 1 email and got a call the same day and my car repurchase was authorized within a week. Also noted Lemon law attorneys will take your case for free. Most states are fee transferring which means FCA will pay your attorneys fees. They are more than happy to sue on your behalf, thats how they get paid
can you post these emails? I'm going through the same pains with my 2021 4xe. Has been in the ship 4x and currently has been in for 16 days with no updates or diagnosis.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts