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So after purchasing my 4xe, my dealer emailed links to me for the Jeep catalog, videos, other stuff etc specific to my VIN. While checking out the 2021 Jeep Wrangler catalog, page 9/60 describes an option called Offroad+.
It reads:
OFF-ROAD+ When engaged, it automatically deciphers the type of terrain Jeep® Wrangler is operating on and makes adjustments to key systems, including throttle, Selec-Speed® Control, traction control and transmission shift mode, for optimal performance. If enabled in 4-HI, it tailors operation for higher-speed sand performance. If enabled in 4-LO, it adjusts operation for low-speed rock crawling. Standard only on Rubicon models.

This button is located in the locker-switch module, right above the sway bar disconnect button. The catalog claims it is standard on all 2021 Rubicons. The Jeep website and my dealer's website in-transit photos even showed this option on my Rubicon 4xe (nothing on the window sticker though). But when I got it, no Offroad+ option is installed.

Can anyone verify this option on their Rubicon 4xe? Or has anyone heard why it might be omitted from 4xe's? If you have it, would you mind showing a shot of where they put it on your window sticker?

I'm wondering if the 4xe-specific transmission shifting algorithms are not yet compatible with Offroad+?
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