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I found that the 4:1 Rock Trac HD system is standard on the rubicon 4xe. Although sounds good, I would not have ordered the option of I had the choice. Curious what others think about it and any concerns about reliability.
The other thing is that you could not select the option for the swing door hinge reinforcement, which I would have selected because will go to 35s and had to reenforce my JK to handle larger tire. Did anyone find other discrepancies between normal JL Rubicon and 4xe?
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There are many discrepancies and not a lot of information and options just yet.

I asked a dealer directly and they said that there will be options available. 4:1 Trac is standard, LED is standard, upgraded 8.4 system (premium) I believe they said was standard, and I asked if this is to be a hybrid off-road that I nee dto know that they will reinforce the hinge gate for a 37" and they sit dit would be available and not all options are available online at the moment.

Im hoping to put my order in by September but if I need to wait till 2022 models are available online and theres greater details I will wait, just to see more detailed information and greater option availability.
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