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Drove from the Twin Cities to visit our son at school in Rapid City, South Dakota this weekend. Six hundred miles each way on the new Sahara 4xe.

First, the weather was amazing. Being able to remove the freedom panels on the drive through Spearfish Canyon in November was something I’ll never forget. The views were epic. Secondly, I got to experience a pair of 8-hour interstate drives. I have to say that it was a much more planted feel than the Honda Pilot that it replaced and that at least with the hard top, noise was not noticeably louder either. From a comfort perspective, the seats and wheel positions provided more comfort as well to my large frame

Gas mileage wasn’t great, but we flirted with 20mpg the whole trip.

A great weekend. I caught my son on his phone looking at used Wranglers before we left for home. I think he was sold on what a fun vehicle this is.

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