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Ive seen a wrangler sport do this course and it has an even lower clearance than the trailhawk 4xe at 9.7. The 4xe Trailhawk is 10.9 which is the same clearance as the stock rubicon wrangler. We also will have the option at many of the rougher obstacles to take the easier path or to turn around. So If approach angle or departure angles are too agressive we can skip it but the guide did tell us that he takes grand cherokees and broncos on this trail all the time. I actually sent him my approach/breakover/departure angles and my clearance and he said we should do just fine.
Breakover is something that I would imagine a lot of people would overlook (ask me how I know...). That Wrangler Sport may have a shorter wheelbase (at least a 2-door would be shorter, if they make Sports in 2-door?) and possibly have a better breakover angle. even with a lower clearance. It's a good thing you were mindful of that already.

But you got underbody armor on that Trailhawk so just be "f*** it, I'm a tank!" jp. Have fun!

Can't wait to get into the trails!

One thing I learned is being mindful about picking the right lines will do you a whole lot of wonders (so in most cases, you don't have to rely on your special modes and tools). I'm sure if you're going with a professional, they would show you the right ways.
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