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Idling at 1500 rpm while parked

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Drove brand new 4xe (2000 miles) across many states. Suddenly, upon start on hybrid, the engine is idling at about 1500 rpms and makes a loud noise (almost like a jet about to take off). I ve not been to charge the battery. It stops after 3 minutes or so but it takes pushing pedal to metal to get car moving at speed.. I'm about to drive back home and I'm concerned. Anyone else have this issue?
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Engine is charging the Battery

This is normal

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This bulletin is to communicate that when the combustion engine starts for the first time within a key-cycle (either when the vehicle is first operational at the key crank, or while driving), the propulsion system will generally operate in ‘series-mode’ for up to 60 seconds.
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Thank you all very much.
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