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2021 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4xe (on order)
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This is an initial review of the 2021 Sahara 4xe.
  • This is the first Wrangler 4 door I have entered
  • This is the first JL Wrangler I have entered
  • Although all transitions (CJ to YJ, YJ to JK, and JK to JL 4xe) have been notable, the latest is remarkable
  • Not having experienced an Unlimted model of the JK platform, relieves me from that comparison
  • My opinion on what a Jeep is will differ from younger members of this site
  • Jeep to me is a short wheelbased 4x4 utility vehicle, period
Holy smokes the technology in the dash and center screen. This will take a while to come to grips with. The on-road ride is just crazy different from all previous Jeeps I have owned. This vehicle is definitely not a Jeep and I did not expect it to be. Whoa Nelly, these are my opinions and I am fully aware of the Sahara 4xe’s abilities off-road. In its stock configuration, this vehicle is smooth, stable and a pleasure to drive in all of the hybrid modes.

The acceleration off the line, or from a roll, will slam you to the back of your seat. Big thumbs up for that.

The doors. Too cool that they close firm and easy, and then there is the woo hoo. These doors have a catch to hold them open, not one but two. Fully open and half way. Buwaahaaha!

The turn signal arm seems a bit short and requires a stretch, while the wiper controls are pretty much the same as the JK. Glad to see the rear window wiper motor moved to the bottom enlarging the rear view through the center mirror. It seems that the dash and radio is right there in your face. Will have to measure to see if the cabin is actually lesser in that dimension.

Although the miles are still very low, so far the seats are more comfortable than a JK with its flat, park bench feel In the stock form. The added 23 inches to the wheelbase is not enough to deny you a parking spot at the grocer. Dirt dump on the front bumper is still there. Anyone else thinking stubby?

The stock grab handle is a nice surprise, it has a firm feel and should hold up well. Looking at the seatbelt in its stowed position shows that it could get slammed in the door just as the JK. Will have to be alert when shutting the door. Very cool to have an integrated garage door remote in the visor.

Our typical cool, wet autumn weather is here so the freedom panels will stay in place till spring. First look says it hasn’t changed much from JK. The all-weather floor mats were unavailable when placing the order and it came with carpeted mats.

The HV battery does take up some space and we all knew before ordering that the seats would not lay flat. Some creative field engineering may provide an acceptable alternative, with the seats removed. The Sahara comes with leather trimmed seats which I don’t see a great value there. It is a let down that the Saddle Tan interior only applies to the seats, seems that I saw Unlimiteds with more parts to match the seats in the past.

Twenty inch wheels, yeah maybe but we will see. Came to me at 35 psi in the tires. It is by far the best on-road riding AMC/Chrysler/FCA Jeep I have experienced.

Summary: Even though this was purchased for the plug-in hybrid technology and soccer mom qualities, this Sahara 4xe is a pleasant surprise. A bit more than expected considering the history of the Jeep brand.
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