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I notice that the majority of the posts regarding the 4XE electrical issues seem to be dated 2-3, or more , months ago? Is it possible that they finally took our pleas and suggestions seriously and are now checking for loose (NOT lose) fuses, connectors, hoses and wires? Unless I am missing something, those complaints seem to be fewer now.
I know that my issues, well documented on this Forum, were resolved after several attempts and weeks of trial and error. Mine were all related to the fuses and some pin connectors that were not properly seated from the factory.
So I stand by my previous belief that Jeep was letting the dealerships and the customers do the due diligence for them; I.E, we bring the Jeep in and the dealers fix it with some help from Jeep via zoom or whatever. That's a lame way to do business given the price demanded for these vehicles.
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