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It is FIXED!!!!!

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In January we bought our 22 JGC TrailHawk 4Xe and were super happy of the promises of gas savings, economy, and have 4WD. 2 weeks later it broke. The main battery melted down and the service techs replaced all the batteries. No reason was given for the meltdown and cause a little apprehension with my wife parking the fixed Jeep (took a month) in the garage. I ain't gonna lie it got me too. Well all was almost good except the slow blinkers. I joked and said my blinkers needed blinker fluid. after a few months of stewing on the problem because we wanted to drive our new Jeep we took it back again to the dealership, this was the second time this problem was being addressed as the first time we were told it was normal (it wasn't). A corporate engineer just happened to be at the dealership the day we brought our Jeep in and was confronted with the issue. He conferred with another engineer and a week later the fix was it was a software issue and needed to be flashed. I write this to let others do not have a case number
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