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I wish I had better videos. We just finished a week in Moab and learned a lot about the 4xe. My son drives a white XR. I have a Mopar Lift and 37" bfg's with a stubby front bumper and winch as well as slider side steps. We completed, Steelbender, Poison Spyder, Top of The World, Hells's Revenge, Fins N Things and Cliffhanger. His jeep was smoother throttle and the XR package got him over most of the hard lines. Both of us used the stock skid plates on many obstacles without issue. The 4XE throttle is super responsive, torquey, and can be hard to gently bump. More than once I went from crawl to flying rubber from all 4 when I just needed a bit. That will take some getting used to. Here a video. The 4XE is the gray one. My gopro was mounted on the front bumper and I did everything my son did except Escalator where he laid his over. I was going to but we just ran out of
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