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Hi Everyone,

Having a issue today and searching the forums couldn't find anyone with what seems to be the same thing. Bought my 4xe in April and she has about 4400 miles.

Today while driving, my Malfunction Indicator Light came on (check engine light). My Max Regen turned off, and I no longer charged at all, even with braking. I had been driving for about 1.5 hours, doing a lot of braking on winding back roads. All paved, nothing off road. I filled my tank Thursday afternoon before leaving for vacation, and had driven about 200 miles already before this happened. I was on my way home today.

When I got home about 30 minutes later, I plugged in. After a few hours, I have 20% charge. So I take her around the block and nothing hybrid or electric is happening. Tells me "electric mode is unavailable" both when I hit the electric mode button and e-save.

I have no other indicator lights on - which is where this seems different than other posters. It seems like the CEL and no electric use usually goes hand in hand with a bunch of other error indicators.

Calling tomorrow AM, but wanted to throw this out here tonight. My dealer isn't great. They will likely blow me off - to a point where I'm considering going to a different local dealership to have it checked. If anyone has had this situation, what was the eventual cause? (Also attempting to tag @JeepCares , just in case!)

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