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My Grizzl-E experience

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TL;DR - Quality charger but buy it from Amazon and not directly from Grizzl-E.

So I just brought home a 21 Sahara 4xe not too long ago and after a bunch of research decided to go with the Grizzl-E Smart charger. I saw it was slightly cheaper on their website, and since I was waiting for my 240V outlet to be installed I figured why not save $20 that I can immediately spend on something else Jeep related. Big mistake. I ordered on a Monday, got a shipping notice right away (just that the label was created). Gizzle-E says 2BD to pack and ship, so I waited. By Friday I reached out because the shipping status never changed. They replied to my email and said 'It's all good I see you got your shipping notice and it's set to arrive today'. I replied that, nope, it's not gonna arrive today because if you look at the shipping details it hasn't been sent yet. Another day goes by and I get an email reply to call them. I do, and their employee Anna told me that they had a security incident. From what she understands orders were being redirected to a fake PayPal site where scammers took money and obviously didn't ship chargers. She was quite light-hearted about it, kind of joking around actually which just blows my mind. I asked if any of my information had been compromised and she assured me it did not, although the way she was so laid back about it has got me checking my credit reports every day. In any case, she said that my email was flagged as being potentially fraudulent because it had numbers in it??? Wasn't sure what to say to that, but she told me they tried to call me twice and got my voicemail. Which may be true, but they never left a message and I don't answer 800# calls I don't recognize. So, after all this, I asked if they could expedite the shipping - at this point my outlet was installed and I was a week late in getting the charger due to a situation totally out of my control. She said 'oh that would be $60 Canadian, I don't think we can do that. I can just refund you and you can go buy it on Amazon.' At this point I didn't want to deal with a refund hassle as well so I said just please ship the thing. They did, and to put a cherry on top the charging handle cradle was broken on arrival. They are shipping a replacement. I think.

Now, the charger itself is great. Obviously very heavy duty with solid housing and thick cables. Works great so far. It only really seems to be compatible with the ChargeLab app. The app is meh - doesn't really do much other than track your charges (with no way to put in your electrical rate to see the $'s) and provide a search feature for charging stations. It's not a big deal to me but if you are very techy you might want to go with another charger that has a more full featured app. Overall I'm happy and believe it's a solid product and would recommend it - just don't buy it direct from them.
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Sounds like you might have been happier with the Autel Maxicharger. It has a very detailed app that lets you plug in your kWh price, computes daily charges, monthly costs, let's you set charging schedules, adjust the amperage output, etc. You can even connect it to ethernet if you don't want to deal with weak WiFi.
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