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Hello All,

First time Jeep Owner myself -
Been reading the forums and so much great information being shared. - Thanks to all !
Nervous about the reported issues by some. (Bad Experience I can only imagine - Hoping a Solution can be found sooner than later for you all)

Fortunately at 1138 miles no major issues to report -
(Just SiriusXM Guardian Error message when I disconnect from my Level 2 charger or Level 1 charger -
"Charging experienced and interruption and did not complete" even thou Im at 100%)

Using a Grizzle lvl 2 charger - Super Quick and Easy usually 2 hrs 15 mins from a -<1% state to get to 100%

So far
924 miles on Electric
214 miles on Hybrid

Only stopped by a Gas Station to pick up Ice for the cooler.

Quick shout out and Thanks -
Great Ask the Expert Episodes on You Tube by @Wrangler4XEFan - Alot of questions getting answered.
also Brandon Haneline Videos have a wealth of information !

Loving this Jeep Life ! Always finding an excuse to take a ride !
My Daughter loves her "Daddys Jeep" and refuses to go in any other vehicle ! - She is my Jeep Wave - Warning System and could not enjoy it more !

Too many accessories to choose from - - Not sure where to start ;) but I know there will be no end !


Best to you all,

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I got the Silver too and my daughter wants me driving her around now instead of my wife in her Subaru, lol
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