Asking $1900. MSRP is $2300. Even with online discounts, adding tax and shipping would likely bring it over that amount.

Local Pickup Only - Located in Appleton/Fox Cities Wisconsin.

We got our 4xe this Summer and realized fairly quickly that we would not use the soft top we ordered (We got a lift that makes the hard top, not a big deal to remove). I only opened the box to verify we have all the pieces. All packing supplies are still intact.

I have inserted pictures below, but didn't want to take everything out of the nicely packed box. I am more than happy to send additional pics to interested buyers.

Full Product Description for Reference (from online store):

Soft Top Premium Twill Fabric (Black) for 2018-2022 Wrangler JL 4-Door
One of the best parts of owning a Wrangler is taking the top off for those sun and fun filled days! This genuine Mopar Twill Soft Top is of the highest factory quality and will have your Wrangler ready to take advantage of the next nice day at a moment's notice. The soft top features flip-back Sunrider functionality along with a gas strut assisted mechanism that makes moving the top up and down easier than ever. The removable side and rear windows use a zipper-less channel attachment for quick and simple convertibility. With all three windows removed, the soft top becomes a full length bikini top for a true open air ride while still providing protection from the sun and elements. The top is designed to be a perfect fit with your Jeep's factory doors and is durable enough for use in any weather or season. The premium black twill material has a deep black almost fabric-like look that gives a truly luxurious look to any Wrangler as well as providing improved insulation and a quieter ride.


  • Flip-back sunroof Sunrider feature allows for opening the top without having to fold it all the way back
    • Improved side track system makes operating Sunrider and folding top down easier than ever
    • Removable rear windows with newly designed zipper-less channel attachment system for hassle-free removal and re-install
    • Soft top transforms into an open air bikini top when rear windows are removed
    • Premium Black twill material is thicker, quieter and insulates better than standard material as well as giving the Jeep a luxury look
    • Tinted windows
    • Includes everything needed for installation
    • Two year manufacturer's warranty

Soft Top Closed SIde.jpg

Soft Top Open.jpg