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Hi everyone.

I'm finally feeling all official over here now that I have my VIN for the Hydro Blue Pearl Sahara 4xe I ordered. 🎉

For the past few months I'd been considering leasing a second, fun vehicle but nothing out there really spoke to me. So when I saw all of the attractive 4xe lease deals available right now I just had to jump on one. I found a broker and placed my order on May 1, luckily just before the MSRP increase. My order is currently in framing (with an estimated ship date of May 15?? Crazy.).

I'll need to pick it up in Vegas so, depending on the exact day of the week it arrives, I plan to fly my girlfriends up with me and make a weekend out of it. I'm already priming them to be mentally prepared for the possibility of being stranded on the side of the road on the drive back to Phoenix based on all of these CEL posts I've been reading. Yikes.

Here's to many happy miles in our Jeeps.
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