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Nitto Ridge Grapplers on Stock Sahara Wheels

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For those interested in this setup with the stock Sahara wheels and no lift, I am running 285/60R/20. Comes out to 33.5s. About 1K miles so far with very minimal increase in road noise. One OHV trail trip to the local mountains here and had no rubbing issues. Fits on the spare tire carrier with no issues.

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Have you been to Sedona? Sedona trails like Broken Arrow (you can Google it if you'd like) would be the most technical I would take it on, other than that, it would be like you mentioned, climbs, fire trails, camping etc.... Nice setup though, clean and not over the top! Love the rack as well.
Thanks, the roof rack is DeeZee if you're interested.
I too went with the same setup and BFG KO2s. Super please with the look and ride.
Do the KO2’s come out to the same diameter?
The ride is great, not perfect. Lost about 1 - 2 miles of EV range, but there is almost no increase in road noise. It's very comfortable at the right PSI and the look is awesome for what I was looking for.
What PSI do you run them at?
What PSI do you run them at?
What PSI do you run them at?
40 PSI
21 - 24 of 24 Posts