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Official Welcome Thread

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Welcome to the Jeep Wrangler 4xe Forum!

This thread is for any first-time posters to introduce themselves and give a small description of who they are, as well as any further details they wish to include. We would also like to remind everyone to fill out their profile by uploading an avatar and to fill out the signature section. By doing this, our goal is to help establish a greater sense of community among Wrangler 4xe owners and enthusiasts. Alternatively, you can create your own dedicated introduction thread as many have done already!

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Reviving this thread

23’ Sahara 4xe

Hello all!
First time Jeep owner here. My last build was a 2007 FJ cruiser. That rig did me solid for 15 years and I had absolutely no complaints.

I patiently waited for a replacement to my FJ cruiser, and I have definitely found it. Cheers to this next chapter. I’m looking forward to the adventure and what being a jeep owner will bring. Not sure exactly what style my build will be, but I will enjoy the journey to the fullest. Happy to be here.


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Hey all!

We assumed a lease on a 4xe from Michigan. Arrived last week to Sunny California. Got it a boomerang cover.

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Hello All!

I'm new to the forum and have just recently ordered my 2023 Rubicon 4xe! Looking forward to sharing stories and ideas with all of you!
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Hello! Bought a ‘22 Grand Cherokee Summit 4xe last week! Love it so far. Added the screen pro tech for the piano black and the screens last night. Ended up at 72k (close to 77 msrp), before the tax credit.
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