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I have a 2022 model Jeep Compass Trailhawk 4Xe (Plug-in Hybrid), bought in Scotland in September 2022. Have to say I was surprised to see no hardcopy printed Owner's Manual in the car. (It did have the short / brief Owner's Basic Guide ~20 pages).
Since buying the car, I have had discussions with dealer who told me that Jeep don't supply Manuals any more and with Jeep Customer Care, who say it IS available and dealer has to source. Jeep Customer Care did infer that Jeep UK had been attempting to be "environmentally friendly", but that they have addressed that now. I did download the manual ( 424 pages ), but it is far from ideal to try to read this manual on a cellphone - and whilst it's readable on a PC or laptop - not exactly as useful as a (hardcopy) Owners Manual to have in the vehicle for when something unusual happens!
Latest I have been told by dealer - today, (after Jeep Customer Care called the dealer), is that the dealer now claims to have ordered a hard copy manual from the USA and it might take some time !!
What have other Jeep Compass Trailhawk 4Xe (Plug-in Hybrid) owners seen? Full (hardcopy) manual supplied or not? I really struggle to understand that any vehicle manufacturer would cut back on this manual on a vehicle that costs in excess of £40000 (UK pounds).
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