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Anyway, here goes the story - let’s just assume I wasn’t originally planning to put armorlite but that last time I went wheeling, I had to experience the unfortunate reality of needing those drain plugs that the Wrangler has (there’s at least 8 of them - which I didn’t know where they all were in a moment of need. Familiarizing yourself with their location will be crucial in an emergency). Either way, I had to learn the hard way that those drain plugs are incredibly inconveniently located under the carpet in many cases. And getting to them by unclipping the carpet and pulling it from its mated position is an utter pain, especially on the Driver’s location where you’d think it should be reachable the easiest.
I’m guessing you didn’t see the cutouts in the oem carpet. You can pull the drain plugs without lifting up the carpet. The carpet has like a little built in access panel.
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