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Hi All,
I have been looking through the forums for a while and I have been able to piece some stuff together, but did not find a thread for this already.
(If I am wrong, please delete this thread)

I recently ordered my Jeep 4xe. On top of what the dealer was offering I was curious of incentives and cash back offers were out there. I would like this post to be my way of repaying others for their generosity on this topic.

I have found that besides the dealers, depending on the vehicle, there are public, state and federal monies out there that can be garnered before/after purchasing. To that end I started compiling a list of deals that are out there so others may be able to also save at their time of purchase. Additionally, I have found tools that could be useful in finding more. IF you know of more, please add them for others.

Before purchase:
750-1000 off coupon When you get the brochure (View and Download Free Jeep® Brochures | Jeep®)
This thread has more info: How long to get brochure and coupon

Affiliate Programs (Invoice -1%) (Eg: Tread Lightly. There were others mentioned as well, list is 2nd link)
Members - Tread Lightly
* Not all dealers will accept this

State Incentives for PHEVs (This is NY’s however, I have read a lot of states have these programs
Drive Clean: Programs/Programs/Drive Clean Rebate
*Limited to Dealers that are signed up, and funding is down to the last 3 million as time of this post.

After Purchase:
Bonus Drive (250) (Use the second link to check affiliation and see if this applies)
Check eligibility

Federal Tax Incentive: 4xe Qualifies for the $7500 (This one is a bit complicated. There are a few threads on it.)
Here is one of them:

State Incentives for PHEVs
Drive Clean: Programs/Programs/Drive Clean Rebate
*Limited to Dealers that are signed up, and funding is down to the last 3 million as time of this post.

EV Equipment:
Level 2 Chargers: You can get 1/3 of the cost back in taxes (Up to 1000)
More here:
The Tax form will be 8911:

HOV/Thruway discount: States allow PHEVs to take advantage of HOV lanes regardless of passengers
NYs Page:
* New York uses EZ Pass, which is accepted in a number of states. There may be other sites for this that are state specific.

Interactive Map for EV Incentives

Please note: These items were found around March 1st, 2021 and may not be available any more. Please look into there more for availability. Additionally, correct information will never hurt my ego. To that end, please feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Just post your sources so others can be more informed as well.

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since this thread has been bumped

I also received a $500 reward/coupon? for a Jeep purchase from American Express (paid for the order deposit with my platinum card which is how i think the coupon got triggered and sent to me).

not sure if this will pass on to other levels of cards as well
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