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So after 35 days of not having my Jeep, I finally got it back this morning. The issues I was having I outlined in a couple posts on this forum. The main problem was the wiring harness and the wait for the part to come in. Originally I was told mid October, but @JeepCares, got involved and the part was rushed and received on friday and installed yesterday (thank you Kate). So happy to have it back. Technician said they basically had to replace the whole hybrid system and a new hybrid battery was installed, as the existing one was dead. Kind of hard to believe since the vehicle is less than 3 months old, but if this fixes the problems then I am happy.
A couple of notes, I noticed that the battery never kicked in on my 18 mile drive back home, but cycling through the dash, I noticed the message that said "Fuel and oil Refresh Mode in progress Engine Running" . So I am assuming that after sitting on the lot for all those days, waiting for a repair, the system wants to flush the gas and oil through, so it doesn't get stale.
Another thing I noticed, when I got home and plugged it in to charge, it didn't sound like a fighter jet to take off, like it did prior to breaking down. I am hoping that the repairs will keep this vehicle running great, as I totally had a smile on my face when I was driving it. It is one of the most fun vehicles I have ever had.
I am hoping that all of you having issues can get them resolved and get back to having fun!
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