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With my ride supposedly on the way, I'm thinking more seriously about accessories.

I couldn't order the 4xe Rubicon with the $925 steppable rails that you can get on the gas version. I see there are tons of cheaper options, but sounds like many mount to the body and don't adequately protect. Not sure how the MOPAR ones mount.

1) Are there any known differences between the gas and 4xe that would affect the way they mount, or should any designed for 2018-2021 JLU Rubicon work?

2) Any product recommendations? I was eyeing these LOD Signature Series Frame Mounted Rocksliders and install video
. About $800!

For an onboard compressor to air up, I'm not going to rip the fender apart. Can you mount it under the hood here on the 4xe?
. I watched this video about under the hood of the 4xe,
, but starting to think the one with ARB is the 3.6L Pentastar and has more room under there.

I was going to go with the single ARB compressor I thought I could just power the compressor with the aux wires, but sounds like only to trigger the ARB relay (not actually power it?) - That makes an under-seat mount much less desirable.

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