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Hello All,

Sorry if this isn't the right forum but I figured my question is geared more towards electricity than anything else...

I've seen the crutchfield article with a general recommendation for all hybrid cars not to exceed 30A when adding amp(s) but am hoping someone on here may have more 4xe specific information (or may have already done an upgrade) exceeding this.

Ideally I'd like to put two new amps in - one for the (replacement) front and soundbar speakers and one for the (replacement) sub - combined fuse amperage for the two amps is 80A.

I'm thinking that I wouldn't be using the alpine external amp so that should return 25A to the budget which brings it to 55A instead of the generic 30A recommendation but would love to know your thoughts on if there's any actual risk to the electrical system in the Jeep if I do this - I have no desire to set my 4xe on fire :)

Thanks in advance,
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