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Tesla adapters do not work. Why?

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Can someone tell me why TESLA adapters from two different manufacturers both fail to work?

I've gotten my money back on both of them (they claimed that any J1772 plug-in vehicle can use and that was not true), but I really would like to open up additional charging options for our Rubicon.

Most J1172 cars have a 15AMP charger integral to the vehicle. I get that the Jeep has a 32AMP charger, but you would think "a cable is the cable" and its just going to draw more. Tesla chargers are far more powerful, so why is this happening?

We get a "charging issue" message and no charging occurs.
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Seems like some of the issue can be in the Tesla charger too. It's been hit and miss in the 4XE Fans group on Facebook. Some people have found that there are settings in the chargers that have to be changed.

Hate to ask a dumb question but you are trying Tesla destination chargers and not SuerChargers, right?
Tesla destination chargers can be configured to only allow Tesla cars to charge. There are dip switches inside the charger that are configured at install to either be open to all cars or just to Tesla's. Tesla provided the charging equipment for lots of the early installs, so some people see them as a Tesla only benefit.

Probably not an issue with the adaptors and more that you were running into chargers set to Tesla only.
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I thought that Teslas and EVs that use a J1772 both charge using DC power. The J1772 for DC has the extra two connectors on the bottom that our 4xe’s don’t have.
Our 4xes charge using AC power and the J1772 connector is just the circle part without the two extra connectors.
The J1772 for DC has the extra two connectors
That would be a "CCS" connector you're describing.
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I thought that Teslas and EVs that use a J1772 both charge using DC power
Tesla superchargers are dc. Tesla destination chargers are ac.
I'm using a Tesla Tap adapter on my Tesla portable 240 charging cord and it has been working just fine for me
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I use a teslatap adapter and the only way it charges reliably is to step the Tesla charger down to 32amp. Somehow 40amp messes up the 4xe.
I use a TeslaTap adapter on our HPWC, set to 80A. I think some of the issues people are seeing are caused by 2 main things:

1. HPWC is set to allow Telsa Only charging
2. HPWC is set to too high Amperage for the the adapter you are using

It seems that the TeslaTap is not affected by #2, but other manufacturers seems to be, at least in my testing. Setting a Gen 2 HPWC to Legacy Mode has helped some people, and setting the Gen 3 to allow non-Tesla charging has helped people as well.
there was quite a bit of discussion before about juicebox at 40a has problems too with jeep 4xe.....
With Hpwc gen 2 u can switch internally to "legacy mode" which helps a bit as well.
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