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Newbie. I’m an old fart whose experience with Jeep dates back to an old Willys my dad had on our farm. I’ll share a bit on that later, but just yesterday pulled the trigger on an order for a 4xe Rubicon in Sting Gray. Pretty well loaded.

I’m on my second Grand Cherokee (I know…not really a Jeep?), a 2018 SRT. They’ve both been great, and I’m sort of in love with the SRT. However, since we’ve almost fully relocated to rural Wisconsin from the Chicago suburbs, a less highway-oriented Jeep makes more sense. We have a PV system, so my hope is that Mother Nature will fuel a fair amount of my driving.

But, dang, I wish I could afford to keep the SRT.

I don’t have much to contribute to the group’s collective knowledge at this point, but I’ll stay tuned here…and hopefully will take delivery before the snow starts piling up.
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