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If you're interested in the 4xe's parts and where they get them from, here's a short article on how the battery gets cooled.

The injection molding provider Viking Plastics on Tuesday unveiled the design and molding of a battery cooling watercross part for the hybrid Jeep Wrangler 4xe.

The hybrid battery assembly consists of a series of batteries located within a large aluminum molded case. Coolant is cycled through channels in the aluminum to cool the batteries.

The plastic coolant duct assemblies produced by Viking Plastics are used to link the coolant channels across different areas of the case which must properly align with the case to provide a leak-proof seal on flanges around the coolant openings.

According to the release, Viking Plastics inserted molds over stainless steel compression limiters in the molding process because the duct assemblies were of plastic and mounted with bolts to the aluminum case.

Viking Plastics said it has developed family molds for each product style. A robot was integrated into the molding machine and custom end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) was established for each product style.

The EOAT interfaces with a custom system that feeds and aligns inserts for the robot to pick up and place into the mold.

Post molding, parts are conveyed to a new Branson vibration welder where the top and bottom are joined together. After welding, parts are processed through a cleaning station and then push-in-place seals are installed to the port openings of the assembly.

The final step in the process uses a leak testing and poka-yoke system in which parts are placed in part-specific nests and progress through the testing phases in the equipment before packing and delivery.
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