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Volume of Engine in Hybrid mode

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I find that my Sahara 4xe has a fairly loud engine volume while in hybrid mode as compared to eSave mode. I am also noticing idling issues (almost seems to miss?) in hybrid mode. Is anyone else experiencing this?
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Mine is only loud and shakey when cold. Once coolant temp normalize either mode is fine. It also shifts better when warmed up.
Can barely hear the engine in our Jeep when it starts. If I don't watch the tach then I might not even realize the engine is running. ??
very quit...shhhhh.
only if the ac is in use at start...but else the Jeep is runnig quit with gas motor too.
I've noticed mine seems to take the opportunity in hybrid mode to start and warm up when I'm slowing down. The RPMs are a little higher. It doesn't always do this. But seems to be every day or two if I've only used electric. It doesn't do it in electric mode.

My guess is that it is taking an opportunity to warm the engine/flow oil under no load.

Under normal hybrid operation, I often don't notice the engine unless at idle. Which it doesn't do very often, except as mentioned above. You think, what's that strange noise? Oh the engine!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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