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Wrangler Sahara Unlimited stock 20s on 33’s or 35’s

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Hi all, i’m new to this game. Saved for a long time I always wanted a wrangler but honestly I’m green about what I can and cannot do.

I’m also unaware of the trade-offs. I have money to spend on either tires or rims but not both. That is the only reason why I wish to utilize factory 20s. I bought a rough country 2.5 lift with N3 shocks. I’m not even sure if that was a good investment. I haven’t even installed it yet. Not so sure I like the quality. Tell me if I’m being too critical. But the question remains with or without that kit what size tire can I get away with? Or is it hard to say?
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If you're worried about money, Rubicon take-offs (People that sell their Rubicon wheels/tires after buying for larger wheels/tires) are always a good buy. You can find both the wheels and tires anywhere from $800-1200. These look great on a Sahara (I have them on mine) and won't break the bank if you're not sure what you want to go with.
Thank you that’s a great idea
I went with this setup if you want to check out the link below.

I agree that Rubicon “take-offs” are a good value! It may be a good 1st step. But my suggestion would be to find a smaller steel rim, maybe a 17” and then work on getting tires for them. A taller sidewall will give you a better ride and generally have a better price point as well!
Thank you everyone this is all good information
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