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This is my first Jeep JL! I've always been a fan, it wasn't even on my list of vehicles to buy. My wife was considering one and I test drove one. I didn't know they had a 4Xe initially and test drove a Sport. I saw the 4Xe and schedule a test drive, but it was gone by the time I got to the dealer and we test drove a Willy which I really liked the look, but not the ride (AT tires are rough on the highway). I did a little reading about the 4Xe and knew that was the vehicle for me because of the tax break and my driving range.

I got it 1 week ago Monday. I have 326 miles.
  • 186 electric miles
  • 141 Hybrid
  • 29 MPG
  • 206 mile Hybrid remaining
Overall, the gas mileage for me has been great. If I didn't have to drive the 80 miles from the dealer (average 23 MPG at 65), I'd have only about 60 hybrid miles on it. For those that do small trips, this vehicle is perfect. But if you drive over 50 miles daily and don't have a job where you can plug in, I'm not sure you will like the vehicle as much as I do. For me, this is a game changer. The acceleration has surprised me and I enjoy the 6 sec 0-60. I saw a video where some got 5.15 sec 0-60 times with a power start. I don't think I'll try that.

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