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two suggestions;

I’d try using other level 2 chargers for a few weeks to see if the issue reoccurs outside of your current home setup. This will help narrow the issue to down to whether it’s your home setup or not.

Separately, I would also contact the electrical contractor who installed the unit to come over for a warranty service, to verify current draw from the charger installed. As this is a reputable company, they should have given a workmanship warranty for their services, and should give you no hassle over this request. Review the specifications of your charger, so you know what operating current is (e.g 30 amps).

As others have mentioned, the 4xe system appears to have a very low acceptable tolerance for charging. Annoyingly, it is also very obtuse - there is no method to see what the nature of the error is without a scan tool and/or some experimentation.

Wish you the best of luck - I’ve got a similar issue, but it’s not always “sticky” and will sometimes resolve itself after a few hours. (And other times requires a trip to the dealer for a reset.) because of it’s infrequent nature, mine is damn near impossible to narrow down.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts