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I opted for LT285/70R17s. Method 701 Trail rims in matte black, with BFG KO2s (C-load rated, not E, which I think would be too stiff and overkill for me).
Also 86ed the plastic running boards (why?… just, why?) and threw on some Rubi take-off rock rails (which were virtually brand new, for $60 on craigslist).
The method wheels have 0mm offset and 4.75” backspacing, so, between the whole wheel sitting farther out by a bit (maybe an inch or so beyond the fender flairs) and the fact that the Sahara 4xe has about 1inch more factory lift than a non 4xe Sahara (beefier coils to support the weight of the battery), I have absolutely no clearance issues and am confident I can even do some moderate wheeling (which I fully intend to do) with this set up without any issues.
Fuel economy seems to be practically unchanged, and I dare say the handling is slightly better than on the stock 20-inch rims (which are really only suitable for asphalt). I’m running these at about 36psi, which seems to be about right.
Here are some pics:
View attachment 1146
View attachment 1147

Quite pleased with the outcome!
This looks great! I just ordered the 703s and 285/70 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. Love the way 35s look but I’m not planning a lift on my Sahara 4xe. Do you have any more photos?
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